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"The Results Are Amazing"

"Hi I am a 26 yr old women after breasfeeding my son I lost a whole cup size. I was skeptical at first after using other breast enhancement products but zoft breast enhancement really does work. I've been using it for 2 months now and the results are amazing! My breast are more firmer and fuller. I can guarantee this product does work." ~ Monique

"Increased Breast About 2 And A Half Sizes"

"I have used both Breast Success pills and Zoft gum. They worked wonders. Increased breast about 2 and a half sizes. Took several months but well worth it. Now I stay on a maintenance program going back on the pills every 4 months for a few weeks." ~ Nancy

"I Suggest This Product To Anyone 100%"

"I just starting taking breast success about 2-3 weeks ago, I am already noticing a difference! I had full B's and am noticing my bras fitting tighter. Not only that, my breasts feel firmer and just better. I am very pleased becauase I generally don't buy into this stuff, however surgery is not an option. Fake boobs are noticable and just ugly in my opinion. I suggest this product to anyone 100%. It is SO much less than implants and your breasts look and feel great, and they are REAL!" ~ Jenny

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Natural Breast Enhancement Products Review

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Zoft Breast Gum

Bust Fuel

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The BRAVA System (BRAVA Breast Enhancement)

Our Ratings : No Ratings Yet
Consumers Ratings : No Ratings Yet

Review By : Jennifer Williams (senior reviewer)

BRAVA System (BRAVA Breast Enhancement) was invented by a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, who with the help of some of leading physicians in the U.S. specializing in tissue engineering and plastic surgery. It first become available in April 2001. Brava is used to increase the breasts size through steady vacuum pressure. Though Brava device need to be worn daily for 12 hours, the increase in breast size is slow.

The BRAVA System (BRAVA Breast Enhancement) places a very gentle amount of tension or stretch on your breasts and when sustained everyday over weeks of use, your breast tissue actually grows. When tension is placed on the cells, they respond by developing new generated breast tissue. The women who choose to wear BRAVA during the day needs to wear large tops to conceal the system.

The intensity and duration of wear were the most significant factors in determining breast growth with Brava. It is reported that on an average, most women grew approximately half to one-cup size.

While every women's rate of response is affected by their biological variability, the system is based on the fact that the more the system is worn, the more breast growth you will experience.

How The BRAVA System (BRAVA Breast Enhancement) Works

According to the company, The BRAVA System increases and reshapes your own breast tissue through a process known as tissue expansion. When Brava was worn over the suggested daily wear time of 10 hours and longer than the minimum 10 week wear regimen, there should be a significant increase in the average volume.

Although the company claims FDA-approval, the fact is that the only approval BRAVA has from the FDA is that it is allowed on the market as an unregulated device.

BRAVA Side Effect

At this point, we have not received any reports about serious side effects of using The BRAVA System for breast enhancement. As the device applies a strong suction to the chest, many women who use it find it rather uncomfortable. It may also irritate the skin if wear for long time.

If you have any medical concerns, you may review the process with your doctor or healthcare professional. Individual should review the comprehensive information provided by BRAVA. Individuals with pre-existing medical conditions or who are currently taking prescription or over the counter medications or supplements should first consult with their local physican prior to using BRAVA.

Drawbacks And Common Complaints of Brava System

There are many drawbacks to the Brava system. The average cost for the system is about $2500. The device must be worn 10 hours a day for 10 week. This totals to about 700 hours. The breast system require too much time to gain any kind of results.

Besides the possibility of skin irration, other common complaints about The Brava breast enhancement system and other similar "breast suction devices" are that they are bulky and hard to conceal. It is also a burden to maintain due to the required physician supervision.

For more comments about the Brava System, you may want to visit this website - BRAV-ARGH - The unofficial resource for Brava users, by Brava users (will open in new window).

If you're interested in trying Brava to meet your breast enlargement goals, talk to your doctor. But keep in mind there are other non-surgical options available such as the herbal breast enlargement pills, breast enlargement gum and breast enlargement creams.

Our Ratings : No Ratings Yet
Consumers Ratings : No Ratings Yet

Review By : Jennifer Williams (senior reviewer)

Do You Use The Brava System For Breast Enhancement?

Does Brava Breast Enhancement Work? Breast enhancement products such as Brava Breast Enhancement are becoming a popular choice for women desiring larger, firmer and healthier breasts. There are over 100 breast enhancement products on the market today. With many companies out there making different claims about the results, it's not an easy tasks choosing the right products for yourself.

Over the last year, we conducted a study of over 30 different breast enhancement products. A few of the companies have since gone out of business while a few others seemed to have disappeared 'overnight'. (Click here to read how we rated these breast enhancers)

We received email all the time on what worked and what didn't. We valued all feedbacks and these have helped us come out with the top list of breast enhancement products. If you are a Brava Breast Enhancement user, we love to hear from you. If you like to participate in our survey, please send us your feedback on Brava Breast Enhancement (see below for more details)!

Below are our current top recommended breast enhancement products :

Results for Natural Breast Enhancement Products Review
Product Name Breast Success
(read review)
Zoft Breast Gum
(read review)
(read review)
Bust Fuel
(read review)
Type Natural Supplements (Pills) Natural Supplements (Gum) Natural Supplements (Pills & Cream) Natural Supplements (Pills)
Overall Ratings
Available From Breast Success Zoft Breast Gum BreastActives Bust Fuel

Results for Natural Breast Enhancement Products Review
Product Name Benefil
(read review)
(read review)
Brava System
(read review)
(read review)
Type Creams/Serum Natural Supplements (Pills & Cream) Pump Pills
Overall Ratings No Ratings No Ratings
Available From Benefil Embrace Breast Enhancement Formula None None

Results for Natural Breast Enhancement Products Review
Product Name Erdic
(read review)
Type Pills
Overall Ratings No Ratings
Available From None

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